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Dried mealworms

Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitar Beetle and provides a rich source of protein. Great..


Suet pellet & mealworm feeder with guardian

A very sturdy feeding dish for mealworms or suet pellets, with a surrounding cage to keep out larger..


'Mealworms' peanut butter jar for birds

Peanuts are naturally high in calories and when blended into butter, make a tasty high energy treat...


Mealworm and suet pellet feeder

Well designed little green hanging feeder, with an adjustable roof to keep the rain off. Ideal for s..


Mealworm suet block

High in essential fats and oils, to provide a highly calorific, nutritious, energy-rich food for the..


Suet pellets - mealworm

Their high fat content and easy to eat size, makes these suet pellets a very tasty and quick source ..


I Love Robins ceramic dish

Frost-proof, glazed ceramic dish with attractive Robin design. Ideal for serving mealworms, seed mix..


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