Fat & suet feeders


CJ fat ball feeder

Good quality metal fat ball feeder which holds up to 4 fat balls.Metal feeders are more resilient to..


I Love Robins mini 'pearl' feeder

A lovely mini version of the I Love Robins Feeder. Ideal for serving seeds, suet pellets or mealworm..


Fat ball & suet block feeder with guardian

A very sturdy fat ball/suet block feeder, with a surrounding cage to keep out larger birds and all b..


Suet pellet & mealworm feeder with guardian

A very sturdy feeding dish for mealworms or suet pellets, with a surrounding cage to keep out larger..


Fat ball bunting - 3 pack

Hang these colourful feeders individually, like fruits on a tree, or snap them together in strings t..


Suet block holder

A simple, cost effective feeder to put a single suet block in. Made from mild steel with a rust-resi..


Dublin peanut butter jar holder

An attractive, wooden, peanut butter jar-holder with a green roof. Designed to hold a jar of Peanut ..


Guardian for Dublin peanut butter jar holder

Fits over your Dublin peanut butter jar-holder, to help keep out squirrels and large birds, so small..


Mealworm and suet pellet feeder

Well designed little green hanging feeder, with an adjustable roof to keep the rain off. Ideal for s..


I Love Robins ceramic dish

Frost-proof, glazed ceramic dish with attractive Robin design. Ideal for serving mealworms, seed mix..


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