Good quality ingredients, hand-mixed to our own tried and tested specifications, to ensure the birds are getting the most nutritious and energising food possible.

We don't bulk up our feeds with cheap 'filler' ingredients such as wheat and barley, which you often find in poorer quality feeds. Wild birds expend a lot of valuable energy just searching for food, so its important we provide them with the best quality feed we can.

Please note - a few of our feed mixes contain raisins (which are loved by robins and blackbirds) but these should be kept away from household pets, especially dogs and cats, as it can make them ill.


Original Feeder Mix

A good quality all-rounder, with a nice variety of ingredients, designed to attract a wide range of ..


Superior Feeder Mix

Similar to our Original Feeder Mix, but with a greater proportion of oil rich sunflower hearts, to..


High Energy Feeder Mix

Contains a high proportion of oil rich sunflower hearts and peanut granules, to make a high quality,..


Finch & Tit Mix

A delicious, high quality mix that will be particularly enjoyed by goldfinches, greenfinches, blue ..


Rivelin Special Feeder Mix

One of our best sellers, providing a wide range of birds with energy, protein and nutrition. A very ..


Superior Table Mix (contains raisins)

Similar to our Original Table Mix, but with a higher proportion of sunflower hearts and the additio..


*NEW - Sunflower hearts & peanut granules mix

Our two most popular straights, combined, to provide a simple but highly nutritious mix, rich in nat..


Deluxe Robin & Blackbird Mix (contains raisins)

One of our best selling mixes - a delicious, highly nutritious feed, which attracts a wide range of ..


No Raisins - Deluxe Robin & Blackbird Mix

Same as our popular deluxe robin & blackbird mix, but with the raisins removed. This is for cust..


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