No Raisins - Deluxe Robin & Blackbird Mix

No Raisins - Deluxe Robin & Blackbird Mix

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Same as our popular deluxe robin & blackbird mix, but with the raisins removed.

This is for customers with dogs who want to avoid having raisins within their reach, as they can make them ill. 

Ingredients: Sunflower hearts, naked oats, pinhead oats, mealworm suet pellets, peanut granules, white millet, rolled oats, dried mealworms or calciworms.                                                             

How to feed it: Tube, ground or table feeder

This feed is available packaging-free for our local customers (see the 'Delivery' page for our local delivery postcodes). Just select the 'packaging-free' option when ordering via the website, or just tell us if ordering over the phone. You just need to provide us with a suitable container to put it in, ready for when we call round. 

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