Fat ball & suet block feeder with guardian

Fat ball & suet block feeder with guardian

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A very sturdy fat ball/suet block feeder, with a surrounding cage to keep out larger birds and all but the smallest squirrels. Tough, green powder-coated steel construction which will last.

Can be hung, pole mounted (pole not included) or used free standing.

Size: 26cm high, 31cm diameter. Holds approx 10 suet balls or 1 suet block (to purchase these, see our 'Bird Food' section).

How to detach the feeder/base from the cage and reassemble:

The instructions which come with the feeder can be a little confusing, but fear not - here's how we do it:

Set the whole cage/base on a table, or other raised surface, with the green holding clip facing you. Remove the clip by bending the flexible end down until you feel it release - then lift the clip off and place to one side. You'll see the only thing now holding the base/feeder in place is the two extended base 'loops' which stick through the wider gaps in the cage. Hold the carrying handle on the top of the cage in one hand and hold the base down in the other. Gently lift and jiggle the cage a bit and it will just lift away from the base. You now have access to the feeder for topping it up or cleaning (you can also remove the small solid base from the feeder, if you wanted to give it a clean - it's held on by a simple plastic screw plate). 

To re-attach: set the base/dish part down in front of you, with the two 'loops' facing away from you at about the 10 and 2 o'clock positions (you are at 6 o'clock). Place the main cage over the base/dish, lining up two of the wide gaps in the cage, so you can poke the two loops on the base/feeder through. Now take the clip and locate the unused gap in the cage (it should be facing you). Place the double hooked-end of the clip over the horizontal bar of the cage (i.e. the one which is approx 2" above the gap). Then simply push the clip through the bottom gap, so it holds the base against the bar at the top of the gap and clicks into place (see photo below). 

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