Bug and bee house

Bug and bee house

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Well made and designed bee and bug house providing an ideal home for solitary bees, ladybirds and other insects such as lacewings. These invertebrates provide the vital role of pollination in your garden and are great at predator control, munching through aphids and the like.

Made from FSC certified timber and painted in an attractive soft green water-based paint. Can be hung from the hook on the rear or placed firmly on a wall or ledge. The ideal height is between ground level and about 1.5m, preferably facing south east. This provides a warm position with some morning sun which helps with the emergence of solitary bees in the Springtime. The instructions for siting your bug and bee house are on the inside of the decorative wrap around band.

Size: 24cm high x 17cm wide  x 10.5cm deep.

Weight: approx 1kg

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