Premium suet balls

Premium suet balls

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These excellent suet balls consistently get the best feedback from our customers - the birds absolutely love them.

They contain around 50% more suet than your typical fat balls, meaning they are more nutritious for the birds, they are softer during cold weather and easier for the birds to eat. Also, they don't crumble into small pieces as the cheaper fat balls tend to do. For the small extra price difference, they are well worth it in our opinion.

How to feed them:

In one of our hanging suet ball feeders, or can also be placed on the ground or a feeding table. 

Weight: approx 90g each

Our popular packaging-free service is available for this feed, for our local customers only (see the Delivery page for our local delivery postcodes).

How does packaging-free work?

1) Select one (or more) of the 'packaging-free' options above

2) Have your feed bins / containers ready for when we call round, so we can pour out your feeds into them (generally if you multiply the weight (kg) you've ordered by 2, this is the min number of litres capacity container you'll need). If you might be out, just leave them where we can get access to them. 

For our non-local customers, we will use our usual courier service to deliver to you (as it's too far for our own van), so the packaging-free option isn't available unfortunately. However, the plastic bags are recyclable and we have stopped selling products in those bulky plastic tubs, so it has greatly reduced the amount of plastic used. 

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